GDPR voor vertalers en tolken

Dear Colleagues,

The European General Data Protection Regulation came into force in May 2018.

It relates to the processing of personal data and applies not only to businesses and organisations based in the EU but any business or organisation worldwide that holds or processes the data of citizens in the EU.

The Regulation has proven to be far more complicated and onerous than originally intended, particularly for sole traders and SMEs, in part due to a lack of uniform interpretation.

FIT Europe, through board member John O'Shea and together with Stefanie Bogaert of the FreeLING Foundation, launched a project in 2019 that examines the implications of the GDPR for language professionals. It also identified the need for specific guidelines for data processing specifically in the translation and interpreting sector.

FIT Europe has now joined forces with EUATC, the European Union Association of Translation Companies, and with the background support of EULITA, the European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association, to address this important issue in an industry-wide approach.

A joint submission has been made in response to the draft guidelines drawn up by the European Data Protection Board, an independent body.

Details can be seen on the FIT Europe website.

Our thanks to John, Stefanie and also Raisa McNab of EUATC for the great work that has gone into this comprehensive and timely submission.

Kind regards,

Dr Annette Schiller

Chairperson FIT Europe